John Hurrell Crook

John Hurrell Crook was an Ethologist and Buddhist 1930-2011.

Circling Birds

John Crook was a founder and teacher of the Western Chan Fellowship - a buddhist organisation of several hundred members. These are his writings over a period of more than twenty years for the Western Chan Forum also published in a book available soon from bookshops.

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Letting Go

Letting Go is a collection of poems written through the lifetime of John Crook - from school at Sherbourne and through many travels in Africa, Hong Kong and China, and the Himalayas.

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Koans of Layman John Go

The ten koans of Layman John was a small publication from 2009 illustrating a collection of Koans that John used to illustrate his buddhist practise.

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Hilltops of the Hong Kong Moon

Hilltops is a memoir of National Service spent as an officer with the Royal Artillery at Stanley in Hong Kong in the early 1950s.

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Tale of Two Houses

A local history essay on growing up in Southampton in the 1930s and during the war.

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Chine Soldiers

Southampton was a departure point for many soldiers during the first world war and some of them stopped off at the Chine in Northlands Road before departure and many left copies of their photographs.

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