Thank you to the Western Chan Fellowship who are the publishers of the New Chan Forum. John Crook was the founder teacher of the organisation and all these articles appeared in issues of the magazine dating back to 1993. Their website is and all copies of the New Chan Forum are published there.

Thank you to Simon Child, the current teacher of the WCF, for providing much guidance and electronic copies of these articles as well as day-to-day organisational help and encouragement.

Thank you to Jin-Ho Shi for creating the first draft of this document and for being very enthusiastic about bringing these writings to a wider audience. Without her help and enthusiasm this book would still be a distant future.

Thank you to the members of the WCF especially those who helped collate and proof read these articles – Alysun Jones, Clare Dobie, Dan Meron, David Valentine-Hagart, Eddy Street, Fiona Nuttall, Hilary Richards, Jane Spray, Jeremy Woodward, Pat Simmons, Simon Child, Stuart McLeod, Susan Millington.

Thank you to Olivia Sanders for permission to use the photograph she took as the front cover.

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