Snore snore snore --

At Bo Lin monastery on Lantao Island intensive retreat was in process. Layman John sat entranced. It was his first ‘sit’ in a genuine Chan hall. He was so happy to be there he barely noticed that the sitting lasted one and a half hours starting from four am. The monks were hidden behind the mosquito nets of their cubicles. Three cubicles away sat Master Hsing Yat, a wispy bearded ancient with long sleeves to his robes almost reaching the ground. His shape was dimly visible though the netting.  After some time Layman John became aware of a strange sound permeating the silence of the hall. “Gnrrrr Gnrrr, sklmp.” Layman John wondered what this might be and gradually realized it came straight from the Master’s cubicle. The master was richly and sonorously snoring. Layman John had rarely been so delighted. Behind his net, he quietly bowed towards the master who suddenly awoke with a snort. Silence resumed in the hall.

What about the Master’s snoring?