A stupid question

Layman John and Yogin James were drinking chang with the yogins Nochung Tse and Gompo up at the little, tree shaded monastery of the Tigress on the Hill in Zangskar. It was one of many convivial meetings. James said “John and I have been talking about the mind and the yogins’ path to understanding. We want to ask you what you understand by the mind.”  The two old yogin friends seemed to freeze in shock. Nochung Tse picked up his prayer-wheel and begun entoning “Om mani padme hum” in a loud voice without pausing. Gonpo looked most uncomfortable, rocking from side to side as if trying to make up his mind. Then he said, “Since the two of you have had the benefits of training in meditation, why don’t you go and do it? Then you would have no need to ask such a stupid question!”