Welsh Winter: Maenllwyd

Grey stone mountain


and the gathering fogs

Drip drip the gutters

and the gurgling stream.

Two ravens out of the mirk

strut about warily

not seeing the face behind the window,

deftly grabbing a wad of rice

fly off into cloud.

Dark light at noon

no sign of sun,

full moon falteringly filtering

through the dismal night.

Warm and muggy

Welsh winter

washing itself away .


Not very good weather we're having !


No o.


Better 'an snow tho.

Not so sure

Cold's a better time

ice and hoar frost

bright days.


S'long as you're not driving isn't it ?


Aai .


Can't expect much else, mind you

the time of the year.

I always say !


Sheep OK ?


Damp's no good for the feet like

but woolly coats does 'em fine.

Look cheerful enough don't ey ?

Up on your tod then - nobody with you ?

Meditation is it ?

Ah - wri-ting too then. Well

quiet enough up here

for sure.

Time to get on with it -

up the hill for a look round.

Missus'l be waiting for her tea.

Til next time then - is it .