Aspirational Prayer for Daily Use

Suggested use: on rising each morning of everyday life.


May I awake to clarity and throughout this live-long day sustain mindful awareness.

Let me observe my karmic reactivity

so that I may insert reflection before I speak or act.

May I restrain my natural pomposity, prejudice and pride so that I may return to openness, empathy and joy.

May my words and actions reflect consideration

and understanding for the stupidities and waywardness of others.

Let all beings be as my mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters or children and let me so care for them.

Let me perceive the Dharma in the life of my teacher setting aside his/ her mundane characteristics.

Let me pay attention to my teacher's words even if I disagree with them.

May I train my thinking so that my thought corrects itself before any harm is done.

Choosing one path with which I feel affinity

let me pursue it with diligence without self-centred picking and choosing.

Let me put all beings before me on the path to enlightenment.

Setting aside my own ambition may I sincerely help others on the road.

Leaving aside my wish for the future let me realise that life is only now.

Homage to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

Throughout my remaining life may I tread the Buddha's way.


Chuan deng Jing di 2001