Orca of the vast shark's fin

travelling in a pod

through Lemaire channel

three or four of you, a family

in discourse, sounding,

nosing your way through drift ice

no problem

delighting the bird watchers on our prow

to peals of excited recognition.

O you formidable gods of the deep waters

they say like tigers

you are kind to one another

and have never eaten man!

Struck with awe

I say nothing as mortals peal about me;

such dark capacity.

Sea-dogs of the deep

formidable in the tamed ferocity

of your calm advance

conning towers on high

knowingly proceeding unflapped

by our mass or engines!

Awe struck, I say nothing,

my eyes devour your strange procession.

Gone down now in icy waters

ever onward your smooth advance.

Tiger whales of the southern ocean

Austral submarines.