The Fenceless Gate (for Hughie)

High in the hills of Wales

somewhere above Ceredigion

a fenceless gate swings in the wind.

Bold spirit are you?

A rugged glance, good boots or a 4 time 4

and you're away

among sheep and ravens

cloudwise among crags

bogs and sudden mist

a falling white-out

lost in the desert

chilly too

coming down a valley no-one ever saw before

the dead still sing in the Inn

finding a way home not so easy then

they make you welcome - see beer's good

hard to get away and the company cheerful

nothing to worry about – see the view in the rear mirror

mark me fading,

boyo - just you take care in Wales.

fenceless gates swinging

are saying more in the wind

than you take them for. Having another are you?


January 1998