Wanting a word for it,

one word, ideograph,

many faceted stone

thrown in the deep pool,

concentric circles

radiating meanings -

Spring at Compton Greenfield.


First warblers sing through twigs

misted now with opening leaves

Viper's Buglos among fresh nettles

a sun-touched brook

old moss-roofed stables,

horse manure, apple blossom,

the still air Cuckoo calling

presaging summer

diaphanous landscape

opening the heart wide.


Secretively the lane leads down

grooving the hillside

to the yellowstone farm.

Shadowed by tall trees

old window panes look out

darkly on a new coming

One word - a whole resonant sound

to say all this

spreading ripples on a frost-darkened pond

green tendrils emerging


Consulting the I Ching

I get LU:

heaven lies above the lake

creative above joyous things,

the small and cheerful treads upon the large

everything moves upward without change


Wise reply - Good friend.