Gazing through the dark pupils of your eyes

I fall in space, tiny figure

spinning, tumbling

endlessly in void.

You say - "Remember there is nobody here !"

and at once comes ecstasy.

Kabir says: Only space connects -

therein there are no barriers.


The desert winds create the mountains of the mind

enfolded endlessly in wine.

Down in the mint garden Genghis Khan

selects the precious leaves for tea,

fragrances softening the sands of dunes.

Kabir says: Remember the tiger -

kindness with claws and lambent eyes.

Breast slashing swords are the soft flesh

of gentle phalluses.


Was it your fingers or toes

that ignited that primal space?

Mind explosion -

telegraph poles emitting sparks upon the wind.

Kabir says: When you're grabbed by the balls

heaven itself falls.