Mealtime Ceremonial at the Maenllwyd Retreat Centre



At one with the food we eat, we identify with the universe.

At one with the universe we taste the food.

The universe and the food we eat partake of the same nature.

We share the merits of this food with all.

The first bite is to discard evil.

The second bite is to train in perfection.

The third bite is to help all beings.

We pray that all may be enlightened.




The universe is as the boundless sky,

as lotus blossoms above unclean water.

Pure and beyond the world is the mind of the trainee.

O silence of nature we take refuge in thee.


We vow to deliver innumerable sentient beings.

We vow to cut off endless vexations.

We vow to master limitless approaches to Dharma.

We vow to attain supreme Buddhahood.