Did the Greeks then weep for Icarus

gone down among waters in the wintry sun?

Too late now the sorrowing waves

below Coniston's woods.


He cleaved the sea with an airplane's prow,

knife edged furrows on glassy surfaces

screeching like the owls of fate

for the stars were wrong.


Lost venturer in forbidden lands,

record breaker broken on the wheel

his father made, split

by an old man's dream, proving the point of it.


The last laugh was nature's on this death ride,

the roar of his engines stifled now down among deep waters,

one son, the valiant,

gone down among memories.


Look now, staid citizens, upon these brave men

sons of Daedalus, knowing no barriers,

aquanauts and astronauts,

exploits beyond reason and cold stars,


not last your sorrows, nor the first.

Sea and sky are witness to their remains,

unsigned signatures

beyond man and time.


In memoriam : Donald Campbell January 4th 1967.