Saint Mollaise of Holy Island

A hard landing he had of it

Through the baying waves

Coracle smashed on grey boulders

The red cliffs rugged before.

Scratching a cross on a slab of rock

Thrice he prostrated his thanks to the wind.

Tell me what the Cross is …..

Between cliff and water

Boulders break the force of wind and rain

An empty shore roaring with an empty sea

Liturgical voices blowing through his head

And lone heart rejoicing in the fear of solitude

The bent and sombre musing trees.

Tell me what the Cross is…

Clawing sweet shellfish

From the fish-jawed stones.

Tell me what the Cross is …

Cliff climbing slowly

Gazing back at the sun-patched sea

Joy of journeying ripe in mind

Turning inland to the distant hills

The bee humming woods

Looking for people

Tell me where the Cross is ….


See: Mclaughlin,W.J. 1999. Molaise of Arran. A Saint Of The Celtic Church. ISBN 0-9535437-1-4. Privately published.


April 1976. Peppercombe, Devon. Revised 2007 after Holy Island retreat.